• Reist (Actor)
  • Graham (Actor, Social Worker, Poet)
  • Bartlett (Actor, Director, Writer, Producer)
  • Bacon (Actor, Acting Teacher)
  • Bolton (Actor, Fight Choreographer)
  • Overlie (Actor-trainer)

Stephen’s knowledge and passion for his craft are infectious. He is at once a guide and an engaged audience. Every class offered a new opportunities, new chances to deepen confidence and relationships and a new perspective on my artistic urges. This has helped me immeasurably in my career. I always left Stephen’s class recharged, inspired, and a few inches off the ground.

Chelsey Reist
Actor (Harper on The 100)

Studying with Stephen I discovered that art is not only for storytelling, but also a tool for advocacy. I found my authentic voice, learned to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, to take space, to make space and to see the movement in stillness. This laid the foundation for my future career. Stephen Atkins is a gift to the world of theatre. He is a breath of wild air with his passionate, bold, raw, attentive and generous way of teaching.

Meredith Graham
Actor, Spoken Word Poet, Social Advocate

I don’t think I’ve come across an actor-trainer with the same galvanising panache and originality as Stephen Atkins. He has developed an exquisite approach to empower actors old and new. Atkins clearly has a profound grasp of the integral relationships between text, platform and performer. The result is pure inspiration.

David Bartlett
Freelance writer, actor, director and producer for BBC, ITV, SPACE, SyFy, Discovery, Five, ZDF, SVT and CNN

The passion Stephen brings to his work has inspired me to continue my own work in the performing arts to this day. I was struck by his unique understanding and perspective on his craft. I would recommend his instruction to anyone serious about a career in the arts.

Tristan Bacon
Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People

As a director, Stephen fostered an environment of experimentation, collaboration and open dialogue. His passion was infectious and inspired me to push myself in new directions. While his guidance shaped our choices, we were able to freely create as a team and made a show that was truly our own. Stephen is a true creative, a generous mentor and a wellspring of knowledge.

Ryan McNeill Bolton
Actor, Fight Choreographer

Atkins’s technique is one of the first cohesive actor-training systems to incorporate the framework of the Viewpoints. I have formed a tight bond with Atkins over several years based on his extensive knowledge of acting methods. He has a unique ability to understand the depth of the Viewpoints and discuss their practices and philosophy, extending my own comprehension of my work.

Mary Overlie
Actor Trainer, Choreographer, creator of the six viewpoints
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