Stephen Atkins

I'm a director and acting teacher with 30 years of experience. My methods incorporate traditional and avant garde techniques into an integrated system.

I'm based in London, Vancouver and Brisbane. I have taught in Europe, Asia and North America, specialising in a new actor training method I call "Crosspoints."

What I Do


I specialise in actor training incorporating physical theatre and bodywork. I've also taught directing and performance history. My favourite situation is when I have the opportunity to cross over two or more classes at once or team-teach with someone from another discipline.



I rely on collaborating with actors to discover the "present instance" of the story - the event of it. I'm influenced greatly by The Viewpoints, a theory that helps artists work with the raw materials of performance in creative ways.



I usually perform to stay in touch with the actor's experience in rehearsal and training. I take a significant intensive once every 3-4 years for the same reason. My work ranges from a Disney musical to immersive physical theatre and performance art. I've also worked on television and independent film.

Writing & Research

As a young playwright/screenwriter I wrote a couple of short plays and a series pilot that got a bit of attention, but never went forward. I've also done technical writing for web-based software startups in the 2000s. My most recent work is in actor training methodology.


Places I Teach